Remap shopping list on a bug WRX?


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Hi @Bloomers if you need a spare ecu I have a PPP ecu for a bugeye never been fitted or used came with a PPP complete package which I no longer have but I have to find it first.
Thanks for the offer bud. I reckon I will still need a map tweak when I am done, so may as well keep mine on it


Echo what others have said. My WRX is on a TD04 hybrid and the boost from low revs is fantastic then it keeps going very strong until after 6k.

I don’t have a lot of experience of other setups but my P1 didn’t feel any stronger when lit and was slower to get going on the stock VF28.

The TD04h feels more like a modern small turbo like what was in my brother’s mapped Megane R26.


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What would you want for it, Edsel?
If you look at the pic theres witness marks where someones fitted a crap hose clamp. it wont affect performance and wont be visible when fitted though.

I see BN Europe have one for sale for £250...

£60 delivered maniland uk?

PM me if interested