Rear Main crankshaft oil seal tool

John Halliday

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Hi folks,

A couple of years ago when I was building my engine, my local Subaru garage VERY generously lent me their crankshaft tool for fitting the rear main seal.

I dont want to test their patience, so need need to buy my own tool, but can find the part number, or even a decent aftermarket tool.

Can anyone recommend a source? I know there are some American web sites stick them but would prefer to buy from UK if possible and support our own people!

Starting to have a couple of engine projects coming up so no rush, but would be good to find a supplier!

Many thanks!

John Halliday

V-Limited Member
Yeah the last time, I have used sockets etc and drifts and always got "unlucky" at the last tap. Used about 4 seals practicing, then couldnt get one posted in time. My local dealers did graciously charge me near twice the normal price for a seal but they did lend me the OE tool so it was worth it lol.

I''ll try sealey, thanks as the Americans charge about 100 quid by the time you get it posted etc. Just couldnt find a a proper brand here that guaranteed Subaru fitment. Guess once bitten..... just want to be overly cautious I guess on the next seal and make sure it works first time!