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  1. Scratch

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    OK then MY05 Spec C wr ltd.

    I have got a genuine fog switch to fit, but loom colours do not match the wiring colours on the back of the switch.

    Loom plug that has been butchered to connect to the cheap switch is:
    violet x2 - both go live when lights turned on (only one used)
    Brown/white - appears to be used as the switched out put to the lamp (on the existing cheap switch)
    Black x2 - earth normally (only 1 used)
    black/yellow (was not used)

    The OE fog lamp switch I have is:
    black x2

    When I operate the genuine switch I also cannot seem to figure out what is in continuity with what nothing seems to change with my tester when the switch is operated?

    What I have now also discovered is that the fog switch turns on the drivers side reversing lamp ? Which also comes on (with the passenger side) when the car is put in reverse.... both are white, although it kind of looks like the fog one may have been red once and has just faded.

    I am very confused.....

    I assume this would have been done by the importer, so I may have to call them and ask how they normally do it as I have no idea what has been done short of doing a full wiring trace...

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  2. Bizz

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    A common way of adding a fog light to a JDM Scoob is to put a red high brightness bulb in the driver's side reversing light and wire it to a switch. It should not still come on when reverse is selected though so the wiring definitely needs looking at.
  3. Scratch

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    Ah, OK, new lamp required.

    I think the problem is that the switch I have is a UK switch, and having just taken it apart, has a computers worth of circuit board inside it, so no doubt is wanting power to even work, so I expect it will need a permanent live plus the switched live.

    I have a wiring diagram that I am not sure where I found it that shows violet from fuse 12, red/white from headlamp relay, yellow/white from rear fog light, but calls it a reference, and the green is connected to the coil of the fog light relay on the opposite side of the coil to violet (which is common to the violet to the switch)

    I really don't think that I am going to be able to get the UK OEM switch to work :-S
  4. Scratch

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    Well as predicted I've scrapped the foglight switch and used a second water spray switch, with the front of the foglight switch fitted to it instead, as that is a physical switch and not a a bunch of electronics providing volt free contacts to switch externally using earth switches on relay circuits.

    So now have a genuine fog light switch installed, which has cost be nigh on £50 in the end :)
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  5. FrankC

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    Sounds like what I did. Think I put in a red LED bulb to make sure when the fog light was on it was a different shade/brightness to the side lights etc

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