RCM Catchcan with A/C


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Hi Guys,

Has anyone had experience with fitting the RCM catch can (pictured) to a GC8 running air con? I had been running a fairly crappy CDF one but having recently retrofitted A/C to the car it will no longer fit. It was a fairly poor design tbh.



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Can check for you tomorrow but can't recall any issues previously......

No comparison to what you have had before and we can pretty much always offer deals on RCM product simply baceause of our purchasing spend and length of relationship


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If you could, that would be great. If it fits I'll give you a call with payment details.

Thanks, Paul


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To follow this up, RCM told me it would be four to five weeks for the next batch then just went quiet. Chased a few times with no response and today found out they have no real plans to make any more of these.

So if anyone has a second hand one they might be willing to part with please let me know...