RAR Red intake install (Part no ST144594S000)


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Hello all, I have a 2003 spec c sti, im needing to replace the factory black turbo intake pipe. Im thinking of buying the Red RAR (Part number ST144594S000) Intake pipe.
Im just wondering if anyone has pictures and information regarding the install, any issues you ran into .
Does the factory Air flow meter s pipe slip over the end of it ?

Any help would be appreciated thanks
Ok cool, can its just be slid in under the manifold or do you need to remove the manifold ?
And yeah price is a joke
You wont believe, but Spec c black oem inlet has bigger diameter in middle section than ra-r. I have pic of both tubes somewhere, but can't find it. So what I did with my spec c, cut off at turbo side few cm from oem spec c tube and put on silicone cone in the right size for few €.