RAde Day 2020 & 15th Anniversary


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Sadly we've all been affected in some way by Coronavirus.
This has forced us to cancel RAde day and the 15th anniversary weekend we were planning for 2020.
But all is not lost!
This does give us an opportunity to move RAde Day and the 15th anniversary celebrations online. Making it easy for everyone to be involved:clap:
From 10am on Saturday 11th April 2020 everyone is invited to post pics of their cars, details of builds, and chat the usual Subaru enthusiast nonsense they would if we were in the paddock at a race curcuit or at a venue elsewhere.
This will be open to guest posters also, so there is likely to be a chance to (virtually) meet others from around the world.
I realise it's not a "real" meeting but I think with some effort it will be as close as we get for a while:thumb
Someone say “post pics” ??? :giggle:

My pics ain't got the same level of "quality" contents as yours Pete :bow but I've only been on the forum for a few months ..... and I've probably posted not far off the same quantity as you :lipssealed::tmi::giggle:

So I'm right behind ya on the posting pics , bud
Things are slowly getting there now.
Sue @ASJ is organising a page for the chosen charity so we can make donations from tomorrow. We'll then have a raffle of those who donate to win some prizes:party:
I've finished a 20 question quiz which will go live tomorrow.
@PeteRA has a folder of 126,000 pics ready to upload
Be nice to see all the [USERGROUP=2]@Type RA Member[/USERGROUP] get involved from all corners of the globe to share pics etc:thumb