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Discussion in 'Impreza Restorations' started by mike_mg, Jun 29, 2016.

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    Finally made a bit of progress on the shell. I started removing the rust which had come up while the shell was sitting in the garage and began attacking the arches which still had paint on them. After a good few hours of using a combination of DA sander, rotary wire brush, poly carbide disc, miniature wire brushes, an aldi shot blaster and a whole lot a sweat I decided I was never going to get the results I wanted anytime this year. Especially considering the whole underside still needed stripping.

    So now I've decided to bite the bullet and get the shell soda blasted. This is going to cost about 500 quid, I trust the bloke as know him through a mate and he's done loads of body shells. This led me to my next task. Build a dolley to move the shell about. Although the shot blasting place has dolleys I want to be able to load it onto the truck safely and easily and be able to move it around my garage easily.

    I'm building the dolly from some heavy duty 10 ton axle stands which with the be welded to a box section frame on wheels. The shell will then be bolted to the stands via some plates. I got a far as fabricating the plates and getting the car resting on the stands. I was going to mount on the box section under the front set foot wells and at the back where the towing eyes mount. I did this and found it didn't give me height I wanted at the back.

    Queue a massive fuck up. I decided I would mount the back where the rear cross beam and rear control arms mount. The bolts securing the arm brackets were mega tight. I carefully worked them back and forward, tried to get wd40 into the thread a much a possible but I was too rough and two of the captive nuts welded inside the box section broke free. This meant I could neither tighten or remove the bolts.

    I really didn't want to but the only solution was to cut out the panel above and sort it out. I rewelded ( much more substantially than originally) the nuts to the chassis and reinforced the welds of the nuts which didn't snap (including the one for the cross member). This had the happy side effect of freeing the bolts quite nicely due to the heat generated. I decided to leave the control bracket in place as didn't want to repeat the task on the other side. I did remove the cross member though as I'll be replacing the bushes. Finally I welded the removed section of body panel back in which I'll fill after blasting.

    A word of advice, if your going to remove these bolts. Don't.


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    another amazing build thread...:bow
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    Will be watching this one
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    Finally a bit more progress, the shell has been sprayed in acid etch primer, rubbed down with fine sandpaper and then sprayed in high build primer. Unfortunately they sent white primer which my sprayer mate said will be a bit of a pain to spray with white top coat. Still its looking great and I can wait too get on with the mechanical work.

    20190313_113855.jpg 20190313_113847.jpg 20190306_140014.jpg 20190313_113904.jpg 20190313_114059.jpg
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    Looking great !
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    Cheers mate
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    Cracking that Mike.
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    Just found a few post shot blast pre paint pics.


    Acid etch going on
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