RA + prodrive = 400bhp?

Discussion in 'What Impreza model is this?' started by ziouzitsou, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. ziouzitsou

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    Hello all,
    I need
    your help on an ad in Europe about an STI prodrive of 2009, 400 bhp.
    There is a RA badge in the back. So newbie questions follow;
    - Is this an orig RA model?
    - Is the car delivered with PPP included or is it an addon?
    - If PPP has been added later on how can I be sure its been installed properly? Should it be a certificate or similar documentation of some sort?
    - the ad says it has a HKS filter a HKS exaust 76mm. Are these part of the PPP or extras?

    Any comment will be helpful.

    Thanks a lot.

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  2. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    It's not an RA
    I'm no expert on the UK/EU cars but I'd say LHD indicates a non PPP car - I'm happy to be proved wrong on this
    PPP cars have a certificate
    HKS filter won't be part of the PPP

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  3. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

    And it certainly won't be 400bhp if it has indeed had the ppp fitted
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  4. ziouzitsou

    ziouzitsou Type RA Member

    Many thanks for your replies

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