R180 diff and R160 hubs


Interesting idea..........

I have a hybrid driveshaft on my Peugeot 205 rally car a little like this - half 106 GTi and half 205 XS.

Rgds, Ade


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I have heard that there is a Legacy rear shaft that has an R180 spline on the "inner" end and an R160 spline on the "outer" so you don't have to do any of this.
The person who told me this was a Subaru parts importer and just happened to stumble across this anomaly.
Unfortunately I cant remember exactly which Legacy model it was though :-(


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The Later Spec B Legacy uses a R180 diff but i believe they still don't just fit on

The legacy shafts are longer
The diff on a legacy is Helical and i believe the Impreza is Mechanical? does that make a difference in fitting?
You may be able to use the Legacy diff but i think they at 3.5 ratio

Above is what i have read in the past and may or may not be correct

I would like to know 100% as sat in my garage I have an R180 diff, hubs and (brakes - poor condition) but no Driveshafts
and would be nice to just swap the diff and shafts


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The guy who told me shut up shop and I'm not sure where he is working now. I bump into him every now and again at rally's so if I see him I will get the exact details from him...sorry I cant be of more use.


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hey guys
i have realized this project as in the title of the topic

i have bought the hybrid CV STAR on the site of suberdave.com

i have disassembled the WRX axle shaft and the STI axle shaft


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the my WRX axle shaft has 22 spines
the STI cv star has 6 balls

in this pic the left cv star is the original STI , that at right is hybrid
the inner has 22 spines and the outer has 6 balls



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this is the STI inner joint , that i have assembled togheter at the WRX axle shaft with the new cv star