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I'm thinking about buying spares that we are likely to need to keep our new GF8 running and, as far as possible, OEM for the next 5-10 years. I am trying to base our spares holding on what I know we've had to replace on the 1997 GF8 that we've owned for the last 26 years. Struts are and obvious issue.
PartSouq lists OEM struts for our car as 20311FA900 and 910 (substitution 950 and 960) and 20360FA900 and 910 (substitution 950 and 960). These seem to be NLA.
Just wondering if the 20311FA951 and 961 and 20360FA951 and 961 parts are fully compatible.
The KYB GC8 ones I've found by Googling don't look the same at all. Maybe the GF8 struts are different to the GC8 ones?


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The last 3 numbers indicate they were from the final iteration, of inverted struts.
v5sti and v6sti wagon used the same inverted struts, as the v5sti and v6sti saloon.
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