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Discussion in 'Prodrive Impreza 555 Group A' started by Burnsie, May 8, 2018.

  1. Wally

    Wally V-Limited Member

    Wow reis is by far the best topic online at the moment.
    I took me several days to see all short clips and YouTube films.
    Don't you just love oldscool rally.
    Saw the recent Monte Carlo 2020 this afternoon and it just looks lame compared to this !
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  2. RA Graham

    RA Graham V-Limited Member

    So I'll take it @Wally you have not see the Ott Tänak crash then
  3. splitbox40

    splitbox40 V-Limited Member

  4. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    They will never be so lucky again.........
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  5. splitbox40

    splitbox40 V-Limited Member

    as bad as this outing for Timmi........i mean Tommi
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  6. RA Graham

    RA Graham V-Limited Member

    It's hard to say Alyn the safety equipment and standards are every year making leap's and bounds.
    A few years ago the result of that off would be different
  7. DaveD

    DaveD Type RA Member

    I think the guy who Tommi sumersaulted over was probably the most lucky guy in that off!

    Ott's off went on for around 15 seconds - surely a contender for the longest crash ever?! Remarkable how the cockpit held together so well.
  8. Wally

    Wally V-Limited Member

    I have seen it but WRC overall is blunt and boring. The cars don't even look like their showroom brothers from far and there is almost no show anymore.
    I miss the days of GRA and early WRC rally, were you had cars that you could (almost) buy in the showroom.
    Drivers had a liet of skills then and needed them to control the car.
    It is long since I've seen a proper scan-flick or proper snow control, compared with the McRae and Burns era it is just plain boring.

    Same for F1 and moto GP, sorry these are my 2cents.

    All the above isn't even broadcast anymore in Belgium.
    You have to see it online or on BBC or German channels.
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  9. RA Graham

    RA Graham V-Limited Member

    @Wally it's called progress the new WRC car's are sooo much fast per Km than any old Group B or A or 4 car ever was most likely the R5 car's are fast also.
    With improvements in Tyers, suspension, aerodynamics and others makes these car's very fast and accurate meaning that to get the best and fastest out of them you drive them all most like a formula car.
    Yes not so exciting for the spectator, the only way they are going to be like the old day's would be to turn the clock back and that's not going to happen as the development work in these car's finds it way in to road car's later on.
    Just go and watch historic rally's for your kick of side ways action.
  10. Wally

    Wally V-Limited Member

    I know, I know, It is Monday and I just sat 6 hrs in creeping traffic, didn't got my Turbo out this weekend and ranting mode was on.

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