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Discussion in 'Prodrive Impreza 555 Group A' started by Burnsie, May 8, 2018.

  1. LoveNWlife555

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    This thread is gold. I’m now going to get nothing done at work tomorrow. I did have a question, that someone on here may know.

    Curious on how they got the old GrA cars to have that very lumpy idle. I’ve heard plenty of Subaru’s with cams and it’s just not the same. Something to do with the style of ALS they ran back in the day maybe?
  2. PeteRA

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    @LoveNWlife555 , it’ll be the anti lag, I have it on my RA and as soon as I switch it on it ups the Revs and the whole noise sounds completely different. I’m also hazarding a guess it was on full time with the old GRP A cars hence the noise is constant
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  3. LoveNWlife555

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    Thanks! I actually just found it searching. It’s called rotational idle. Helps keep temps down with the ALS. Dumps fuel to cool and also cuts ignition to cylinders in a certain sequence.
  4. James Lowry

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    Also called cyclic idle. I have it on my RA with the Link G4+ when Anti-lag is switched on.
  5. GPA555

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    Northern Ireland
    GpA cars noise comes from a lot of various things such as compression of the engine, the anti lag, restrictor on the turbo for 1995 it was 34mm for GpA. Cars also had throttle jacker.

    The anti lag switch in the GpA car is labelled ISC and is used on stage.
    The cars ECU will have a default of rotational idle/cyclic idle without anti lag switched on.
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  6. asperformance

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    oop north
    In general its mainly the throttle jacker that causes the intermittent noise - does the same sort of thing on an EVO also.....
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    I am not sure if posted before? If so, apologies.

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