Prodrive GC8 4 door Ex Recce / Gravel crew cars

Discussion in 'Prodrive Impreza 555 Group A' started by Burnsie, Oct 16, 2019.

  1. James Lowry

    James Lowry V-Limited Member

    Spotted this on Facebook yesterday in the comments on Prodrive's announcement that they are setting up a restoration business to restore their old cars, "Prodrive Legends"

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  2. GPA555

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    Northern Ireland
    This car was Colins car “L555 BAT” for Monte Carlo and Tour d Corse 1995.
    I’ve heard it is being restored to original specification early next year❤️ 388E55D7-DF38-4954-BAB6-62E2F25DE64D.jpeg
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  3. Burnsie

    Burnsie V-Limited Member

    North west
    Hi @James Lowry i saw this on Instagram too :thumb I know Philippe and his car, I don’t know Pete but I am aware of his car. I’m not sure Prodrive will be too interested in restoring ex Recce/GpN cars but they probably would for £££’s :sweating:, I’m not sure they have any history on them now either but I may be wrong. With the rise in interest of the early GpA/WRC cars being restored and or replicated, I think they want a piece of the action. They will probably outsource a lot of the work as I thought a lot of the original drawings and documents were destroyed around 2009 by Subaru but again I may be wrong, you don’t know what they stashed away :mask: One thing I do know is that the value of the cars is definitely on the up! ;)
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