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    Good afternoon guys,

    I thought i should start a project thread :thumb
    The car is a P1 724, although strictly not much left to resemble a P1 which will be shown over the updates... :-D

    I bought the car from Shaky (P1woc) over 4 years ago, car was a bare shell with interior, no wheels, suspension, engine brakes etc.
    Just the shell, interior, Spec C gearbox and Simtek.

    The car has been over the years slowly evolved.
    Prior to buying the P1 i had a UK2000 wagon, running circa 340bhp on a VF34 with some tasty handling mods.
    Everything was swapped over from my UK2000 wagon by Nik at Car and Custom Garage into the P1 shell.

    So the brief spec was at the time 4+ years ago when swap completed:
    UK2000 engine, RCM full exhaust system and headers, VF34 Owens turbo, AP Racing 4 pots, Subaru rear 2 Pots, external 040 fuel pump swirl pot etc, HDI intercooler, 550 injectors, and a majority of supporting mods.
    Was mapped and running 340bhp.

    Then over time bits and pieces have been removed, replaced, upgraded.

    Over the time we've had a shredded rear diff, MOT failure due to rust, accidental damage to the door, bonnet vent lifting up on the motorway and destroying bonnet....
    Its been an emotional ownership so far, and it's certainly not over yet!

    Last year i took the car for its first track outing at Castle Coombe, and i've fallen in love!

    Since finding something that i enjoy and am actually not bad at, i have decided to modify/evolve the car and use it for track use predominantly and competition next year - although it will still remain a weekend road toy!

    After completing my first track day, the car went straight back to Nik at Car and Custom Garage to undergo some much needed track focused upgrades.

    V6 VLTD Quick Steering Rack (13:1)
    Fully Poly Bushed the rest of the car
    Nik's Custom - Car and Custom Garage Geo Alignment - worked wonders!
    Momo Steering Wheel awww.p1woc.co.uk_forums_images_smilies_icon_smile.gif
    Front anti-roll bar 24mm
    Brembo Rear Brake Conversion with DS2500

    What a difference the above made! Car handled superbly, was solid through the corners really was surprised with the sheer amount of grip that was achieved from just adjusting the Geo!
    Steering wheel made such a huge difference coupled with the steering rack.

    The car tax had lapsed, and the car was off the road before the track day.
    Nik drove the car to Castle Coombe for me, i drove it for the day, and he drove it back! It's been off the road since then - over 18 Months now!!

    The engine got removed as it had been sold, and then me and Nik had to come up with a plan...

    Brief spec of car before this stage:

    Fully Polybushed Car
    STI V6 VLTD Quick Steering Rack (13:1)
    Momo Steering Wheel
    Front 24mm ARB
    Rear 24mm ARB
    STI Rose Jointed Lateral Arms
    '03 Spec C DCCD Gearbox
    STI Quick Shift
    DCCDpro Controller
    RCM un-silenced 3" Exhaust System
    RCM Exhaust Manifold
    Owens VF34 Turbo
    550cc Side Feed Injectors
    Front AP Racing 330mm 4 Pot Setup with DS2500
    ABS Removed, running no bias valve
    Rear Brembo with DS2500
    R180 Full Rear Conversion
    STI Spec D Rear R180 Diff - Upgraded STI
    Exedy Pink box clutch with RCM Super Lightweight Flywheel
    External Bosch 040 Fuel pump and swirl pot
    ABS Removed
    BC BR Coilovers with rose jointed top mounts
    STI Pitch mount
    Car and Custom Garage custom Setrab Oil Cooler setup
    Oil Modine Delete
    Simtek ECU
    HDI Front Mount Intercooler
    and a few other bits and pieces...


    We opted for a different approach and to run a twinscroll setup, opting for the LM420 Billet Turbo.
    I purchased a Lateral LM420 Billet twinscroll turbo and had it modified and had bronze bearing carrier fitted, ceramic ball bearings and motorsport seals fitted.

    Engine wise we decided to run a Spec C engine setup, which was supplied by Jap Performance.
    The engine i bought had only covered 84k kms so is a good starting base.

    I have over the past few months been slowly getting parts together - in-between traveling Thailand and a house move!
    Had to wait for the turbo to be rebuilt, also for the Alkatek ECU to be modified to control AVCS.

    List of parts which are being fitted (will be updated as time goes on)

    Alkatek ECU modified to run AVCS and to run newage engine loom
    Spec C Engine Complete
    Litchfield LM420 Billet Wheel Motorsport Spec Turbo (Bronze Carrier, Ceramic Ball Bearings, Uprated Seal)
    GT Spec II Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold
    RCM Twinscroll Downpipe
    Power Enterprise 650cc Top Feed Injectors
    RCM 71oC Thermostat
    RCM Baffled Sump Plate
    AP Racing 6 Pot 330mm Front Brake Kit with DS3000
    White Face Defi Gauges (Oil Temp, Pressure and Boost) Replacing my BF ones.
    Full Custom Hel braided hose setup (from master system to calipers)
    AP Racing bias valve
    Hydraulic Handbrake
    Car and Custom Garage - custom Front Mount Intercooler Setup
    Spec C inlet manifold
    RCM Parallel fuel rails
    12mm Subaru Oil Pump
    STI Engine and gearbox mounts
    STI Pink Oil filter
    Exedy "Heavy Duty" Twin Plate Clutch
    Genuine Subaru New Parts:
    Twinscroll sump, dipstick, pickup pipe, 12mm oil pump, new bolts, nuts and gaskets used throughout
    RCM bolt in roll cage
    RCM firewall
    Genuine Subaru STI "Sport" (22b narrow body) front bumper
    Genuine Subaru S201 "Tear drop" Lightweight mirrors
    Prodrive "WRC" Lightweight rear screen

    The Exhaust manifold and downpipe have been sent off to Zircotec and been coated in their "Performance White" coating.
    The Spec C inlet manifold is more than likely going to be "altered" and de-lugged and then possibly polished.
    Front mount intercooler is going to be a custom setup fabiracted by Nik, it will be a flipped cooler with some nice neat pipe runs, making the most out of the rotated inlet manifold.
    Engine bay is being tidied up, battery tray removed, as many unused bolts/holes filled in and then painted to match the rest of the car.

    I will keep the thread updated with progress that has been carried out in the last month or so.

    All work has been carried out by Nik at Car and Custom Garage in Bristol.
    Nik supplied all RCM, SuperPro, Alcatek, Hel, Speedflow/Setrab etc parts.
    Exedy clutch and Genuine Subaru parts supplied by Sprinting Hare JDM.

    I'm sure Nik will be along to add some updates/pictures as work progresses over the next few weeks...

    Will keep you all updated, hope you enjoy!

    Pictures of being used on track and prior to strip down!

    Engine removed and work starting...
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  2. Sprinting Hare JDM

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    Update 07/05/2015

    22b narrow body bumper has been 95% trimmed and ready to now be sent off for paint prep for final fitment check once back in primer.

    Scalloping of the metal under the headlights has started, to get the best possible pipe run for the intercooler.
    Nik has removed the battery tray, and is starting to work his way around the engine bay removing unnecessary holes, brackets and filling in the N/S wing.

    Fueling setup we are having parallel fuel rails, with all Speedflow hoses, fittings etc. FPR, performance fuel filter all will be ordered over the next few weeks.

    Then Nik has the joyous task of removing all of the brake piping, and to replace with his custom Hel setup complete with AP Racing bias valve and hydraulic handbrake - for those fun corner taking tactics.

    More updates to come over the following weeks :)

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    Update 22/05/2015

    I knew i had to get some better suspension, car currently has BC coilovers fitted.
    Had a long discussion with Nik at Car and Custom Garage and we decided to settle for a far more track orientated setup.
    Enter AST suspension.
    Managed to secure a great opportunity with a set of full competition spec suspension, 3 way true adjustable with remote canisters, helper springs, track focused weighted springs etc etc.
    Nik advised and spec'd the coilovers, and i collected them today.

    Can not get my head over the extremely high build quality, had a great discussion with Curtis at AST today upon collecting, and cannot thank him enough for his advise and service.

    Also collected my spare set of track wheels today, which are a japanese lightweight wheel.
    Will be getting the rubber swapped over from my Work Emotions this week and remove them and put them into storage until i get them repainted.

    Car should be getting a few bit's and pieces done in next week.

    Pics below :)

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    Update 25/06/2015

    Been an eventful couple of weeks.

    Started by stripping out the dash and all front interior including heater matrix etc to be able to clear out engine bay ready for prep and paint...
    Upon removing i got a bit carried away and decided to strip the car totally...

    This is where things have now changed, again.
    The car is turning to be track focused rather than fast road.
    With further discussions and advice from Nik at Car and Custom Garage, we changed the direction of the car slightly...
    Roll cage, fire wall, weight saving...

    Stereo will be removed and replaced with a bluetooth hardwired setup, primarily for the long journeys to the ring etc..
    All interior removed, have spent hours removing all sound deadening.
    Used the dry ice method which was very successful for the footwells, but the other sections needed the heat gun treatment - not pleasant!

    Removed the fuel setup from the boot, and was shocked at how the car hasn't caught on fire.
    Nik was shocked when we removed the pipework from the swirl pot.
    After removing the swirl pot, it's clear it's slowly been leaking fuel from one of the fittings as the fuel had contaminated the sound deadening underneath.
    We found the reason why it had been leaking, PTFE hose had been used, fastened onto the swirl pot with jubilee clamps AND the swirl pot outlets/inlets had no swaging!!!!
    On top of this the wiring for the external fuel pump was certainly not up to scratch, wrong gauge of cable and incorrectly fed from the existing pump wiring.
    Not good of the previous garage that worked on the car prior to my ownership, thankfully they are no longer around.

    Thankfully all has been removed now, and will be replaced with Speedflow fittings and hose throughout :)

    The engine bay is still being worked on, seam sealer removed and any unnecessary holes/bracketry removed.

    Exhaust manifold and downpipe have came back from Zircotec and the Exedy "Heavy Duty" Twinplate clutch has arrived.

    Visited RCM yesterday, picked up the Roll Cage and rear firewall along with some JDM parallel fuel rails.
    Was nice to have a look around, meet the guys and have a look at some nice metal!

    Few pics below to wet your appetite.




    Before we decided on cage...

    Before removing sound deadening

    Removing sound deadening

    What I removed!!!



    More to follow soon :)
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  5. Chris.air

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    Looking like it's going to be a awesome build looking forward to the progress :thumb
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  6. gus

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    Nearly the same build as mine, I changed my braided lines for teflon as this will stop any petrol smells entering the car as for jubilee clips thats a no no.Iv just got to get the final mapping and my meth map hopefully in the next couple of weeks
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    Nice choice build
  8. Sprinting Hare JDM

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    Update 24/08/2015
    Not too much to report.

    After some more discussions with @Nik C&C garage - at Car and Custom Garage, we have decided to opt for a Spec C "550" steering rack and wider track front end including new alloy arms.
    The alloy arms Nik will be modifying to further increase castor, and will also have superpro's bush offering fitted.

    Had some more parts arrive from Japan
    New STI9 front sub frame
    New Alloy Arms
    2nd hand "550" Spec C steering rack from the states.
    New Genuine S201 Mirrors

    Spent Friday scrapping underseal off the front wheel arches - not a job i enjoyed, but will be worth it in the end!

    Should in the next few weeks have some more updates, once engine bay has been finished and in high build primer - the RCM cage will be fitted :bow

    More pics below


    After many blisters!

    S201 Mirrors :inlove:

    Side skirts removed, and seals cleaned

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  9. type-ra

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    West Yorkshire
    Tom @Sprinting Hare JDM what is the significance of the Spec C "550" steering rack?

    Are you leaving the sideskirts off & filling the holes as per the Type R V-Limited? Please say yes:bow

  10. ASJ

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    Bristol, UK
    Looks like the standard 'quality' underbody finish an RA comes with as standard......must have been a nightmare job!

    Rgds, Ade


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