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Just a heads up to any members on here from New Zealand (and potentially Australia)
I have started a small thing on the side getting a few hard to find small Subaru/STI bits for people from Japan as sometimes getting stuff to NZ can be a bit of a challenge/to hard basket/unsure how

Let me know, on here or DM if theres anything you have in mind, so far I've done Genome Gauges, Brochures, Magazines, OEM Subaru Bits etc etc.

I can assist in clarifying correct part numbers etc and hunt for hard to find brochures on japanese auctions also.

Current Stock:
STI Genome Defi Boost Gauges (multiple)
52mm RH GDB AC Gauge Mount
STI Genome Defi DIN Gauge (Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost)
STI 70 Years Hard Cover Book
Multiple Retro Japanese Subaru+WRC Magazines (Boxer Sound etc)
2001-2004 WRC Japanese DVDs
STI Tyre Valve Covers Black + Silver
STI 6MT Leather Shift Knob - Brand New ST35022ST170
Prodrive WRC Car Models - 2004,2005 including a 2005 one signed by Petter Solberg


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