Nice work if you can get it........


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Today I met up with Tom @tomski999 to get a few pics of his latest arrival along with a couple of others. Hope you like:thumb
First ones outside his house with the S204 & Type R.
P1080946 (Copy).JPG P1080934 (Copy).JPG P1080935 (Copy).JPG P1080937 (Copy).JPG

Then a copule of "arty" shots of @53R Forester with some rather nice wheels - pretty sure they're not standard on a Frosty:wondering:
P1080941 (Copy).JPG P1080942 (Copy).JPG P1080947 (Copy).JPG P1080939 (Copy).JPG


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The development is clear. One thing is the generally increase in build quality and design, but notice how the spoilers become more and more discrete. :cry: Also interior on first picture (white car?) looks very Kia like. :sick: On a side note, it seems like you once again spent a day doing nothing useful, Dean.. ;)