New owner MY99 WRX Type RA Limited 354/1000

Discussion in 'New member welcomes' started by ravasquez, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. ravasquez

    ravasquez Type RA Member

    Guatemala City

    Greetings from Guatemala city, yesterday I bought a RA limited, I'm so happy because I search this car for more than 3 years and finally I have one, tomorrow is my birthday and I have the most cool presents in my life haha right know I'm just thinking in upgrade brakes cause I feel that deserve better brakes.

    Update 01/22/18

    Sorry for the delay folks finally some pics:

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  2. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Welcome along @ravasquez :thumb
    Great to have you on board, any pics of the car?
  3. PaulD

    PaulD V-Limited Member

    Poole, Dorset
    Welcome to the site. Yep, need pictures! :)
  4. Topper Harley

    Topper Harley V-Limited Member

    Westmeath Ireland
    Welcome along .
  5. edsel

    edsel V-Limited Member

    Happy birthday, welcome to the club :)
  6. ravasquez

    ravasquez Type RA Member

    Guatemala City
    Hey thanks everyone for the welcomes and @edsel for the Happy Birthday thanks! I update the first post with pics!
  7. delongedoug

    delongedoug Type RA Member

    Costa Rica
    Q linda, mae! I am looking at a v5 STI Type RA #361 for sale here in Costa Rica. At least you can keep it right hand drive. I have to worry about the conversion done years ago by who knows who at an unknown quality level.
  8. ravasquez

    ravasquez Type RA Member

    Guatemala City
    Gracias bro, Yeap here in Guatemala the laws have a lot of gaps so part of this is we can drive rhd, for sure you know Alex Tuning? If not this is his Facebook profile and his info:

    San Rafael, Heredia, Costa Rica
    Llamar +506 8711 7336

    He can help you with the evaluation of your purchase, and congrats if you buy that awesome car man
  9. delongedoug

    delongedoug Type RA Member

    Costa Rica
    I may have seen his page once or twice. I've only lived here a year and don't even own a car, although I bought a new Suzuki Vitara for "us" but she takes it to work every day and I work from home. There is a taller in my neighborhood that specializes in Subarus and I see lots in there as well as a Lancia Delta Integrale.


    Sounds like a good reference if I need it, though. Only 10 minuts from me. You happen to know if he speaks English? jaja Yo apprendiendo pero necessito mi chica mucho. Gracias, pura vida!
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  10. JorgeBeher

    JorgeBeher Type RA Member

    Santiago, Chile
    Nice car :thumb Felicitaciones y saludos desde más al sur.

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