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Originally from Germany, I moved to West Texas in 2011 due to my wife being from there.
I drove an STi back in 1996 for the first time - an unforgettable event. Bought my first Subaru (bugeye WRX) in 2001, then a STi hawkeye in 2007. A Tribeca followed (needed more space - LOL), an Impreza for the daughter, an Outback for mother in law, a Forester for the uncle. Subarus for everybody. But I never could forget about that classic Impreza. So in 2018 I finally imported a GC8A to the US the moment they became legal here.
Since then I try to learn as much as possible about the car - and this website has been already a huuuuge help (thank you everybody for that!). I changed a lot of things on the car but try to be period correct and OEM as possible.
Looking forward to meeting more fellow enthusiasts :)Bildschirmfoto 2021-03-28 um 8.37.15 PM.png


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Welcome! I've got a good mate in Fort Worth, and worked there myself back in 1984, when it was all alot smaller. There's also a guy on another uk forum out in Tx, Torquemada on Scoobynet


GC8 4ever
Thanks guys for the warm welcome! I am already under the hood again, putting more goodies in there.
This time: ARC intercooler - bought right here from Stu! However, not a direct fit as the pipe's layout is different from OEM resulting in the clutch return spring being in the way ... I guess I'll be fabbing a new mount for it I guess :)


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