New member. Idle/stall issues 95 STI V2

Discussion in 'New member welcomes' started by JustScoobyDoIt, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. JustScoobyDoIt

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    Tyne and Wear
    Hello everyone, I'm new to Subaru and got one this Monday with number of issues. One of them is a big one and need some help. Approaching to the complete stop and getting out of gear revs drops and car stalls or barely idles and bit later on evens out. Already have cleaned throttle body and fitted new MAF, checked for air leaks and so far nothing's there. Where else should I look ? Thanks in advance
  2. cuili1

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    Welcome along to the forum.
  3. Wagonroy

    Wagonroy Uk turbo 2000 wagon and Rb320

    Hi @JustScoobyDoIt have you tried cleaning your idle control valve I did mine bought a new gasket and cleaned with brake cleaner worked a treat.
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  4. JustScoobyDoIt

    JustScoobyDoIt Type RA Member

    Tyne and Wear
    Waiting for gasket to arrive hopefully monday. Did diagnostics got error codes 23 and 24, 24 is more or less clear why it's there bcs of ICV, but 23 is an issue as MAF is brand new one. Will see how it goes after ICV cleaning.
  5. 1509joe

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    Was it a genuine MAF cause aftermarket ones don't work the best. Just noticed yours is a v2 there not as bad but the same still applies.

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