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@type-ra Thanks! Really lucky to purchase this one last last year. Okay, there is a small crack in one of the rear spats and chips/paint defects here and there (some of which I've had touched up/protected professionally by a bodyshop) but she was listed for 1.69 million yen at a Japanese dealer and they are now being listed for over 2 million!

On top of that, I haven't seen another one with all the original bits I wanted on the Japan-side since; so many have a changed driver's seat, removed fog covers, upgraded aero to the version VI style, replaced steering wheel/alloy rims and changed front and side indicator lenses to clear style to name but a few.

Mine even has a period correct STi exhaust backbox and I suspect it is the one that came on the car originally.

As I'm sure others here would be aware, a higher price Japan-side inflates the total cost of importation exponentially when using an importing service.

Now if I could track down a reasonably priced STi sports bumper for some options for the future...



Very true @LonelyDriver
It's very rare to see them with the original decals on these days too.
I don't think there is such a thing as a "resonably priced" sports bumper these days:D


藤原文太 | type R STi V
@type-ra Absolute pain in the behind to find new old stock with this polka dot style or I'd consider having the car resprayed sooner rather than later! I wonder where/when @Essbon got his?


(As if I had the money for it at the moment anyway; put all my heart, soul and wallet into getting her.)


藤原文太 | type R STi V
Perhaps it's time for me to take matters into my own hands and create reproduction designs. I'd need to learn more of a vector-based design program first, though, Photoshop wouldn't cut it.