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  1. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    1998 WRX Type R V4 V-Limited (1000 made) GC8E27D
    Upgraded brakes to Newage Brembos and larger discs. Upgraded wheels to Speedline Corse 2113.
    Sarah\'s Iphone 247.JPG
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  2. Powsie82

    Powsie82 MY98 STi RA V4 - SOLD

    MY98 STi RA V4
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  3. nobby

    nobby Type RA Member

    Cheshire jet set
    My version 4 sti ra v ltd 51/555

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  4. Paul73

    Paul73 V-Limited Member

    South Coast
    1998 STI Type R version 4

    Best look at my restoration/refresh thread for bits done to it :)

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  5. andy rich

    andy rich Type RA Member

    My V4 STI TypeRA Completely standard down to the original Subaru tape deck

    A1E2F7DC-008C-4376-8D23-6CC1B88A2C31.jpeg 1500EB6B-A95F-4DB9-BEB9-AC9BFB3CD390.jpeg [​IMG]

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  6. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
  7. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Definitely agree. More pictures of this immediately.. :thumb
  8. andy rich

    andy rich Type RA Member

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  9. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Looks really nice and like that it is not modified! Feel free to use the direct photo upload on the site, so we get even better pictures without photobucket. :thumb Also you have some of the text as links..
  10. andy rich

    andy rich Type RA Member

    Thanks. I was having real trouble uploading the photos for some reason. Computers aren't really my forte... :)

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