MY98 Engine Bay Overhaul


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I've never sprayed such a big project before, but after trying two other lower level guns and then getting this lph, this shit sprays like water. Once you get the mixtures correct and experiment with different psi, it's a beauty
Here's the hood and trunk after clear (I think)
Annnnnd here's the rear bumper getting fucked up again, although you can't see it in the video. I think the air filter was to blame this time, and my laziness by not changing the filter, somehow some dried paint got loose and blew onto the bumper. Had to sand it down and coat it over.
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While preparing to base the hood I realized no way I'm going to get a consistent coat hanging by wire because it kept blowing away when the air from the gun hit it, so made some real neat brackets.

It hangs rigid now with these brackets and slips on/off easily, no untying.