MY08 20th anniversary


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The car came out of its winter hibernation for its annual oil & filter service at TDR, MOT (it passed with flying colours, I wouldn't have expected otherwise!) and a few other jobs: fitting the oil temperature, oil pressure and boost sensors, replacing the pitch stopper with a STi GrpN item, replacing the front wideband sensor and the throttle body-IC hose. There was nothing wrong with any of the last 3 items and they were replaced as a preventative measure just because I had new parts collecting dust in my drawer over the years; the throttle body hose had some tiny external hairline cracks though which were bothering me although the inside of it was absolutely fine.
I had previously extended some of the sensor wiring and did the electrical connections myself with the help of professional retrofits , getting power from the head unit loom. The controller and joystick (with which the maximum and minimum values can be adjusted when the gauges change colour) were fitted in the glovebox.
After 3 years of looking for the ideal for me gauge setup, I am very pleased with the final result of the zada-tech product, as it looks simple, modern and without external paraphernalia fitted.
I've managed to do 3,500 km last year, hoping for more this year!
Are you still able to listen to the radio when you use the gauges?


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So as most will know from other threads, I bought Fpan’s lovely 20th anniversary edition STi just before Christmas. So far I have been learning the car, getting friendly with it, which is easy to do. Car drives spot on, is quick, and the ride and handling are fantastic….I’m amazed by the grip levels and cornering speeds, without any drama, and despite the cold weather. Picture after her first wash. Jobs to do are to get a second set of wheels, the current ones are nice, but to be perfect need a refurb, to get the steering wheel re-trimmed, and to think about whether to red tint the rear lights….although I’m maybe going off that idea. First job though was to get the security upgraded to Thatcham Cat 1. After a recommendation from CJMC, I had a visit from Matt at Gap Security this morning, and we are all sorted. Very neat and discrete fitment, all integrated with the existing car keys. Highly recommend.


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