MY01-07 JDM Impreza STI transmission decoder


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Thanks for your reply/time explains a lot
When cornering hard it’s quite slithery at the rear end but allows a good 4 wheel drift,
It’s finding a good compromise for road/track with diffs .
Cheers Ashley


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I bought the car As a 2005 jdm hawkeye 16” motorsport spec c and it has the same transmission code as a 2006 ra-r ?
does that mean the transmission has been upgraded to a ra-r spec when in Japan
Thanks for the list and any advice
RA-R is an MY07

Your car has the same gearbox as the MY06 Type RA

The MY06 and MY07 transmition systems used in the RA-R and the RA and Spec C hawkeyes are essentially the same thing, having an STI helical torque biasing front LSD, the later spec centre DCCD unit with torque sensing and a more front bias torque split and a plated rear STi LSD. They also use a 1.1:1 drop gear ratio and a lower rear diff ratio than the earlier JDM cars. This means the propshaft spins at a slower speed than the earlier JDM cars with a 3.9:1 rear dif.

The MY05 was the last of the 33/66 torque split setups.


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If you have a Hawk shaped car then it will almost certainly be an MY06 even if registered late 2005.......

The MY term always refers to the end term of that model production, so for example an MY05 runs from mid 2004 to mid 2005. All Hawkeyes are MY06+ as they were built mid 2005 through mid 2006 and then on to their final production before the hatch.

The date of registration doesn't apply to when the car was built, so you can have a 55 plate MY05 blobeye built in 2004, but not registered until the end of 2005. This is why you should always use the model code as your reference, as shown on the VIN. GDBF for example being the MY06 hawkeye.


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Ok thanks
It has been on a track in Japan it has Cusco diffs so doesn’t like slow corners
It’s got a mixed Center console with the cup holders at the top as well as the 2 behind the hand brake ,& has just the scroll on the Dccd no manual button?
You can alter the settings on Cusco diffs, if it's been set for track use you should be able to change that to a more friendly setup. There are a few different designs they sold. If you have the time/money/interest it's worth pulling them out and seeing how they are setup and which type you have.