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  1. Chris.air

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    What you got now Gary?
  2. Gary77

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    20160809_214201.jpg Ive still got that same car . In the middle of a restoration project . It has been on pause for way to long and im back on here getting inspiration and motivation.

    Ive gone way past the point where i could think back over how to put it back together .thats a bit of a worry . But im telling myself to break it down into small jobs and only take it one at a time . Ive stripped off around 70% of the paint from the underside but got a bit sick of it . I will get back to it soon im feeling more interested in it again
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  3. barnzyy28

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    North East
    It looks like it was a great car mate. Hope it works out for you and you get it back on the road eventually.
  4. Gary77

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    Thanks for the likes . Helping with the motivation to get back to it.

    And jordisub . I feel envy everytime i see your updates . Your car is looking great bud . Very similar to how mine used to be :)
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  5. katetomi

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    Hi to everybody!
    Soon my dear friend has his Birthday (on 27th of October), he is a big fan of this amazing Subaru cars and I’m kindly asking for your help - to make a memorable congratulation to him.
    It would be so kind from your side, I mean the owners of Subaru Impreza wrx sti gc8 type ra limited edition cars or other fans of Subaru, to shoot an outstanding video being behind your cars.

    About the car and owner:
    subaru impreza wrx sti gc8 type ra limited edition 1188/2000 GDB SPEC C INSIDE

    Owner: Evgeny, living in Russia, Ekaterinburg

    This car is a recycling car, it has to be disassembled on the spare part, but Evgeny has given her the second life, having put in her the heart and soul, time and of course, money.

    I would be very grateful if you wish my friend ‘Happy Birthday’ and show the car having told about you (Where are you from/Name/Age/and so on) and about the car.

    Please, send your videos on my email address: [email protected] or you can contact me on Facebook:

    5ugnCktkPLQ-horz.jpg Fmyek7flzj8-horz.jpg XCHFieROvLg.jpg S4Uvn9uhF2w.jpg

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  6. PeteRA

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    Happy birthday for the 27th. Great car choice :thumb
  7. MrG

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    South Africa
    The 12 Subaru Impreza WRX STi's (Version 6) from South Africa.

    Back in 2000, Subaru South Africa brought in 12 Version 6 STi's, 11 sedans and 1 wagon.

    Here are some pictures of them.

    Cashmere Yellow (2 models - The Sedan is written off unfortunately.)



    Royal Silver (3 models)



    Back in the early 2000's, I don't have a current picture.

    Pure \ Aspen White ( 1 model)

    The new owner recently gave this car some much needed TLC, he is actually looking for a few OEM parts for the car.


    Steel Grey / Cool Grey (5 models)

    WhatsApp Image 2018-07-17 at 14.20.09.jpeg




    WhatsApp Image 2018-01-21 at 13.07.34 (1).jpeg

    This last car is a mystery, we not sure what color this car was, we think it was silver. It's been for Rally events for many years.

    For the photo-shoot last year July, we were able to get 5 of the 12 together:


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  8. tekkerchrede

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    Look at VIN plate in a service break and find colour code?

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