My V5 STI Type R from Sweden

I'm using one of the frame rail bolts so no drilling into the car that I can remember. I can't remember if I had to drill a new hole on the bracket or enlarge one of the existing ones but most likely I had to do that.

I don't have an ABS pump or water spray bottle in my car so I'm not sure the same location will work for you.

I'll check the bracket when I get home from work tonight.
Yes that makes sense. I have a water spray bottle so likely the hole you are using is what the water spray tank uses. (Thats if you are only using one hole, there doesnt appear to be a pair of them)

There isn't any others between there and the rad support to use. Which is why i though about using the fuel canister bracket provided the ps resevoir would connect to it. They look similar.
I had a bracket for the bracket :) I removed the carbon canister as I didn't see a way to keep it back then. The Link G4+ doesn't control that solenoid anyway.

It's able to control it but it's not connected at the default configuration.

"The purge solenoid on this model should be connected to pin B135-7 at the header. Inside the ecu this pin is not connected to anything. On this ecu most of the aux outputs are already used up so the most logical choice would be to connect this pin/wire to Ign 7 or 8 outputs on the expansion connector.

The configuration is pretty simple, just set the function of whichever aux output you decide to use to "purge"."


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