My 94 sti long term project

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Another parcel from Asperformance this week containing a ally radiator, rcm/samco oil cooler pipework kit and a new genuine newage sti header tank cap .

Coolant drained (again ) and leaky rad in the bin ,to give me more room to fit the oil cooler pipework. The samco hoses are a really tight on everything ,so I assembled the hard pipe first with the hoses on at the same angle as the original.

The tightness of the samcos and tight bends on the hoses combined with the cheap temporary ebay heat wrap .made fitting this a nasty fiddly itchy experience :confused:
On the plus side with the hose fitment and strong spring clips , I can't see me having to fix a leak in this area again :D

Ally rad has a slightly bigger core and 50mm thicker end caps but it fitted fine .Screenshot_20200523-165223_Gallery.jpg
Had to trim my cheap ebay cooling panel, to fit round the bigger end caps . Then notch some holes for the top fan shroud fixings and coolant expansion bottle hardpipe .


I offered some standard rad brackets up and theres no modifications needed with those;)

Filled up and coolant bled the system, got it up to temperature and took it for a test drive Screenshot_20200523-165118_Gallery.jpg

No leaks and Tuesday's commute to work is looking more likely at last lol

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Cheers Alyn and thanks for taking the time to go through what I needed /quick postage :thumb

It's done 100 miles now and it's loosened up a bit on cold start but still sounds sweet once warm (so far so good )
Hopefully the 45 mile round trip to work down some b roads will start to rack up the running in miles next week too

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Been using the scooby for the commute to work and it's been nice to actually drive it , it does keep distracting me in the distance :blush:

All was going well but then I noticed a few other slight weaps on different coolant hoses :( .I'm fairly comfortable and confident working on cars , So know I haven't fitted 6 hoses incorrectly :wondering:

None of the minor leaks have been excessive and have only topped up 30cl of coolant over 300 miles but something wasn't right . The only thing I could think of was the "aftermarket hi flow stat " was increasing pressure as well as/instead of flow . I'd bought the high flow stat from a reputable company, that I'd used before but upon removal it seems like the oe stat has a bigger bore and more diaphragm movement .Screenshot_20200530-205050_Gallery.jpg

Surprisingly the one on the left is oe in both pics Screenshot_20200530-205034_Gallery.jpg
So with new oe stat fitted and system bled,,I dropped the first running in oil , fitted a new oil filter and filled it up with more millers running in oil.

The method I use of the first few stationary heat cycles to get rid the burs seems to make more sense when you look at the debris on the magnetic sump plug. Heres after 3 stationary heat cycles with mineral oil .
Not much but you can see some tiny burs on the tip of the sump plug , from the honing and crank bearing coatings .

280 miles at up to 55% throttle with a 0.6 bar max boost limit on millers comp running in oil and the magnetic sump plug is almost spotless.:nerd:

Tbh by the look of the sump plug, how it sounds and its willingness to rev , I could probably dyno it now . But patience is a virtue and it will do another 300 miles before filling it with cfcs and getting the map tweeked .

On a plus note I did 30 miles today and no weaps, so hopefully the oe stat has sorted it ....
I'll find out for sure on the journey to and from work next week

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Cheers ,Fingers crossed its sorted now @benji .

Another 20 miles this morning and still seems leak free but the 45 mile round trip to work tomorrow will be the true tester .

Hopefully that new stat should do the job as discussed, not sure what other people find but we always stick to OEM or a good quality replacement like the RCM cool stat
Well I'm not one for cutting corners and I have used advanced automotive before but it seems their "hi flow" stat is more like a slightly more restrictive "hi pressure" stat :think:

I've never had any coolant temp ,pressure or leaks before after working on scoobies before and the fact that it was even weeping from the icv coolant pipes , made me give trying a new stat a go .

As the coolant pipes have remained attached to the icv for about 3 years , without being removed or leaking previously.

Guessing I'll stop being so impatient and not order anymore stuff from anyone other than you Alyn . As at least I know your choice of products are tried n tested ;)

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Just over 400 running in miles racked up now and about 80 miles since reverting back to the oe stat without any leaks :bow
Been gradually feeding the low 0.65 boost target in further up the rev range and it seems to be loosening up nicely .

I won't raise the target anymore, as I can only monitor knock on the apexi and afr (no det cans) .

With the correct shape oe stat not restricting things and the ally rad fitted , I'm getting a slightly 5° lower peak water temp on the same journey too . Couldn't comment on the stuck in traffic temps yet ,though as it's been a clear run to work n back .

Seemingly happy with engine parameters and the choice of strength of actuator spring, allowing me to control the boost well (low down at least)

I've booked it in at Clive attowes for a remap next Friday, so I'll either be coming home smiling

or on a recovery truck :lipssealed::sweating::wasntme::rofl::rofl:

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Turned up at Clive Attowes in Norwich at 8 am and found I had some nice turbo retro petrol for company.

which was just as well as I wasn't allowed inside the workshop due to social distancing :wasntme:

Can't lie it didn't start off the best as I seemed to loose some spool on the way there :oops:
This turned out to be the wastegate not shutting properly anymore :think: yep after changing the spring and finding the right amount of actuator arm pretension... I'd forgot to tighten a lock nut :lipssealed::tmi:

Once light and part throttle fuelling was done he started to feed some boost in and it started to spin the wheels in 4th . Strapped down tighter the 565cc nismos soon made a respectable 375hp /355flbs at just under 1.4 bar .

With heat soak setting in nicely he broke for lunch to let it cool off a bit in front of his fans . The apexi does what its asked but for some reason it's always picked up false knock as the boost comes in . Here's a old pic of the oe engine ,turbo and apexi /knock sensor, showing a blip in the graph .

This particular ECU, knock sensor and car has always done it , even with oe engine ,2ltr forged and now the 2.1 . We're almost 100 % sure its background noise (something rattling against or tapping on the block or chassis)
As there's nothing in the det cans and attowe knows his stuff but to be safe he pulled a bit of timing in that area again , hence the blip in the new graphs and my long winded explanation too ;)

I finally ended up with 382.1hp /351flbs and 565cc injectors at 92% :cool:
The turbo seems to spool fairly well for a 20g , hitting 1 bar about 3.6k on the dyno and still has a bit more to give .

I'm happy with the build and how the car drives /pulls but will probably get some 850cc and either a linkg4+ or emu black ECU in the future