MY 03-04 for 15k or hold out for MY 06-07 for???

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza Spec-C help & advice' started by Lunchie, May 10, 2019.

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    Yellow cars or "S" cars - all you need to know:bow
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    Not sure we have the full spec list on S series but probably something you can search on here.

    Basically the S203 is an STI showcase of special parts including turbo, suspension/damping, wheels, hardback seats, titanium exhaust etc. It is a MY05 wide track chassis and I suppose best described like a plush Spec C RA, probably suited a little bit more towards fast road as I don’t believe they get the full stripped out treatment.

    Either way I’d love one sat in the garage!
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    Just mentioned models - boost comparison in stock form. See uploaded file. :thumb

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    The S201 & S202 specs are listed here:
    I'll add the later cars over time.
    The S201 was based on the V6 STi RA Limited but with power upped from 280ps to 300ps.
    The S202 was based on the MY02 WRX STi Type RA Spec C 17" with power upped from 280ps to 320ps
    S203/204 were based on the MY05 & MY06 STi but, again with power upped from 280ps to 320ps
    There were lots more goodies added to each but that's a quick run down for now:thumb
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  5. S201..Bloody ugly though....:mask:
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  6. @Artyscoob
    Here's a couple you might also like:

    71jNxPeu36L._SL1024_.jpg impreza_storm_bodykit.jpg s201.jpg

    only one of these wasn't designed and fitted in a garden shed...
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    you can buy my hawkeye spec for 11k if you are still after one
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