Mossandl Rallye 2019

RA Graham

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Not Subaru related really but just come back from navigating my Germany driver on the Mossandl Rallye a clubman rally here in Bayern which has 50% gravel stages and on the SS1 we set 2nd fastest time over all in a BMW 325 ix embarrassing many STI's and Evo's and that with only 200 BHP to boot


It's all ways fun sitting with Alex on a rally he can sure push hard on gravel rally's. shame there was 50% Tarmac as we had no real tarmac tiers just fast road rubber and the missing 100 BHP plus to the Evo's and STi's could not be made up in the end a good 11th O/A 6th in class still beat 50% of the STi's and EVO's... shame on them :D

RA Graham

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If any of you are wondering how you get a 2nd fastest time over all when you have a car which is a good 100 plus BHP down on the opposition,
By pushing hard like this.

Mossandl rallye 2019.jpg

Getting a touch close there :bow;) with Drive Alex Erdödy in his BMW 325 ix.
If we had had a rear bumper on the car after this there would not have been one there :rofl: