Morette renewed with well attention - I did a job but finally preffer oem look


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Some of you are following my restauration tread on this forum.
I was a big fan of Morrets on GC8 and finally managed to get a lamps whcih were worth to consider.

I bought them and made a nice small project to restore them.100% attention.

Installed a newly refurb set and....... and refused the look and come back to OEM setup.
For a white car white moretts looks in my personal oppinion not good.

Few words of restoring.

I dismounted all single parts to be sure that all is nice, shine, rust and dirt free. All componenets has been renewed, zinked, welded plastic cracks etc.
The most important elements which are reflectors has been opened and refurbed by the company which is making a classic car's lamp restores. The job is done good.

I paid for a set of lamps 300 GBP before restauration, , paid 400 GBP for restauration, new high class OSRAM bulbs etc.
I would be happy to get most of my lumpsum back.

Have some other ideas to invest in gc8 than lamps therefore....

My offer is 700 GBP plus shipping cost from Poland to UK.
By paypal preffered as it protects well both parties.

For much more pictures of lamps restauration please meet my Restauration Project Thread on this forum.

Please be aware that lamps has an advantage of the servomotor set present and discadvantage of cutted mounting hole for a grill (see picture).
I would be happy to provide all necessery pictures of each lamp separately if customer will ask.
Lamps are in my garage awaiting a journey.

I'm from Poland but already present on TypeRa forum since 2014. :)


RA Graham

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The Morrets light beam is it for diving on the left side like UK or right side like in Europe lands ?.
Just asking as you in a right side drive land and your sell to guys in the UK left side driving.


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That is a very good point @RA Graham

I thought LHD and RHD are different. But now I'm not too sure.

This set originally came from LHD zone however I have not found any proof that Morette made LHD and RHD versions separately. Correct me if I'm wrong but all adjustments of the beams are made manually and perheps Morette left a space for final adjustment for a final users (LHD or RHD). maybe reflectors are swaped from L to R?

If anybody would be interested we can make a study and small picture comparison as follow:
- I make a photos of all four reflectors - photo made ahead of the reflector glass to indicate all "ruffles"
- Somebody will do the same for RHD car
- We compare and desribe a results in Members area :) as an article

Let me know Gents what you think


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You can switch the light units themselves from one housing to another to get LHD or RHD....

RA Graham

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You can switch the light units themselves from one housing to another to get LHD or RHD....
No you can not. Really think about it will make no difference. both drive lights will be set to rise to the side walk , ie both will be to the left or to the right moving them from one side to the other will make no difference.