Looking for stock coil overs for my s203


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Anyone know what other models used the same coil overs? Trying to fix the horrible stance my car had and bring it closer to being stock. If anyone knows of a full set for sale or even just the parts number I need to be searing for I’d greatly appreciate your help. Ive found the stock bbs rims Im missing and a replica front lip spoiler that is also missing. Other then that the stock air intak is missing and a Perrin short ram is in there now. I believe I know the stock part number for That.

Sprinting Hare JDM

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We have a mint set of STi "4 way" adjustable struts complete available in stock. Will confirm the part numbers this afternoon for you.

The are VERY clean!

Sprinting Hare JDM

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Thank you both.
The struts that we have are STi 4 way adjustable items.

We actually have two sets of them available, both extremely good condition - removed from Low mileage cars (never seen UK roads).



We also have RA-R original suspension available.

Let me know if you are interested and we can send you some pictures.