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Discussion in 'JDM Auction Spy' started by PeteRA, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. PeteRA

    PeteRA love everything GC8

    Why spoil such a car??. Look at the milage, grade and hardly a mark on the auction sheet, believe me, this’ll be mint body wise, Shame about the inside and the seats have gone too, that’s what would stop me buying it because I know how hard they are to find in mint condition, the rest can be removed

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  2. LewisScoob

    LewisScoob V-Limited Member

    The wee blue trims and the clock surrounds are missing too.

    TBH I dont think its that bad, assuming the stickers can all be removed.
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  3. PeteRA

    PeteRA love everything GC8

    For sure @LewisScoob , it depends what a person is looking for I guess?? Someone may love it as it stands, but for me with that grade, milage etc I’d have loved it to be OE, I’m sure it would have been mid 20s then landed here
  4. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    Nice if remove the sticker book collection.
    But to fiddled with to go back to an oem
    Beaut, roll cage means half dozen holes down each side.
    Roof scoop will be stuck on so most likely roof repainted .

    But could be a nice weekend toy tho.
    Ditch decals , scoop , wheel change .
    Loose the dust bin hanging on the rear .
    Stickers could be covering marks , and no idea how the Japanese humidity will be on the paint with decals. Cheap vinyl the glue eats into paint. Seats are better lol
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  5. Beakster

    Beakster V-Limited Member

    I think Blue trim could’ve been replaced with the optional “carbon” kit. It’s definately got the optional carbon handbrake.
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  6. Chris__p

    Chris__p V-Limited Member

    They look like the prodrive sparco seats as well which sell for a small fortune
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  7. edsel

    edsel V-Limited Member

    My Son bought a wagon covered in stickers, it took us many weekends gently removing them with a heat gun and a couple of nectar cards. We cut it back with a polisher and there was a tidy car underneath the tat but... Under certain light like the flourescent tubes in my garage you could see the outlines where the stickers were, im guessing the adhesive leaches into the paint after time.
    I quite like the tacky jdm "fast & furiousness" of the car tbh, not sure I could live with that interior though.
  8. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Sad that the stickers are not even the correct ones, i.e. period correct. Pins for bonnet and boot might also require some effort to get rid off.
  9. Mad Max

    Mad Max V-Limited Member

    I'm wondering why it appears to have UK plates. S5CRT? S5CRY?
  10. benji

    benji V-Limited Member

    Prob just for show. I think I’ve seen this car on a Japanese photo shoot . Through me when I saw English plates

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