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Discussion in 'The Snug' started by Matthew123, May 9, 2019.

  1. Matthew123

    Matthew123 Type RA Member

    Dose anyone know if this is any good ebay item number 352517181343
    Regards Matthew
  2. asperformance

    asperformance Site Supporter

    oop north
    Looks like potentially a re-branded or spoof Omex unit.......

    Personally i would leave well alone as it has more chance to cause damage than not
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  3. Ascottie75

    Ascottie75 V-Limited Member

    I spoke to Rich @ FB Tuning about LC, he said its something he can do. Might be worth giving him a call rather than buying something tha'ts no good or that you don't need.
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  4. knuckster

    knuckster V-Limited Member

    Nothing wrong with it, just a rev limiter with a button for launching, used to have one years ago and you set the launch part to say 4000 revs for setting off. it's a lot of money for what it is though. easier to call it a 2 stage limiter. personally wouldn't bother use your right foot it's cheaper
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