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  1. hi Guys,
    So i've got myself a set of these..a voltimeter, oil temp, oil pressure. They come with all the wiring and sensors. i've also sourced a new old stock OEM pod with mounting brackets...
    Do you have any advice or info on fitting these, and the locations in the block for the sensors..? I have a FMIC so access to the bulkhead is pretty good..Any recommendations on where to route the wiring?
    Any help would be awesome.:thumb
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    Hi chap,

    From memory when I removed mine to fit the Defi's the voltmeter was connected to the radio harness and the oil pressure/temp sensors were fitted to a sandwich plate. I'm sure I've got a picture of it somewhere...


    My boost gauge was just plumbed into a spare nipple on the intake manifold.

    I think most folks prefer to fit the oil temp sensor in the spare hole above cylinder 3 and the oil pressure sensor by the alternator in the stock location which is where my Defi sensors are located now :)


  3. thanks Paul..I assume it's almost plug and play once the sensors are in?
    I fitted a set of Prosport gauges into my Turbo 2000 but i used a 'christmas tree' adaptor which Scoobyclinic supplied, but i don't think that was an ideal solution or an accurate one.
    Thanks again mate
  4. theboywhippo

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    No worries :) Yeah I think from memory power, illumination etc are all picked up via the 'radio harness' and then it's just a case of fitting the sensors and getting the wires into the cabin. My Defi wiring comes in via the big grommit behind the glovebox but I can't remember which way the Lamco wiring ran.

    Maybe someone else can help shed a bit of light?

  5. i was having a go at fitting the gauges earlier and ran into a snag...I have the Lamco loom which has two multi block connectors coming from the black unit mounted into the frame/holder..However, inside the dashboard, behind the radio, there are plugs to accept these connections??
    Does anyone know a work around??
  6. Mad Max

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    Does the Lamco loom look like this:


    If so it plugs into the white radio connector behind the dash
    (unless of course that's been butchered to make another radio fit, but thats another story)
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  7. could be that then Max...Mine hasn't got anything to plug that there a work around?
  8. Mad Max

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    Let me get back to you in the morning on that, my little lamco loom is at work....
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  9. Mad Max

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    OK, it may be heplful if you purchase a repair plug like this:
    It will probaly make life easier in the long term.
    The lamco loom taps power off the radio loom, so you only really need to find 3 wires.
    This will help you identify which colours and which pins to connect to on the repair plug:

    In your car where the remains of the radio wires are, identfy the colours below and connect to the relevant pin on the repiar plug. (use the right hand picture on the 2nd link to idintify the pin numbers)

    Ground, pin11, black colour
    +12V Acc, pin 10, yellow/green trace
    Illumination, pin1, white/yellow trace

    This is what I'm now attempting to repair on my one just now after a botched radio install..

    And this is my Lamco adaptor loom, even that wasnt safe from the botchery!

    I hope that is of some help!
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  10. Many thanks for your reply Max..I really appreciate the effort you've taken to reply..

    If you see the first pic you can see the gauge end of the loom. from top to bottom the gauges are Volts, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure. It's difficult to see but the only wires with 'nowhere to go' are the white/red and blue coming from the block mounted onto the fitting plate (bottom of pic). The wires from the oil gauges join into double female bullet connectors along with a single wire from the black block, and terminate in the multi plugs on the right.. What do these two plugs connect to??

    In the next pic is the oil pressure sender with a strange connector spliced into the loom.It almost looks like a smart phone connector..I have no idea what this is, but the wires terminate into the 4 red, yellow, blue and two blacks together (presumably one from the sender and one from the obscure connector)...I can't see anywhere where these would connect to. The female blue could perhaps connect to the spare male blue(?)

    Finally is the oil temp..This wire terminates via a white plug, into two black and white wires, like speaker wires, ending in a pair of female bullets..Again I have no idea where these go...

    Gauges Loom 2.jpg Oil Pressure 1.jpg Oi Pressure 2.jpg Oil Temp 1.jpg Oil Temp 2.jpg

    Any info would be great...

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