Jim Clark Rally 2019


I thought I would do my bit and decided to Marshall at this event as I was also really pleased to see the event running again :clap: but also wanted to get some knowledge of the area :nerd: and several of my friends were also competing.

It was also really good to see the old Subaru’s doing well as there was quite a few entered and some of them placed towards the top ten, behind some of the much more modern R5 cars, which was really good :rock:.

Unfortunately your not really allowed to take any videos or photos during the live stages so I don’t have any footage :( but it was still great to be a part of it and get up close to the action despite several of the stages being cancelled (and it being absolutely Baltic lol :confused:) It should hopefully be much better when it’s run in May next year :thumb

If anyone is interested in Motorsport and getting involved, I would highly recommend marshalling at a Rally, I found it both exciting and rewarding (despite the look on my face lol :)).

P.s. that new Fiesta R5 Mk2 is some machine! :eek:


Your friendly happy Marshall lol ;)