JDM V8 inlet manifold on a V5 classic with aircon?


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There will be a bit of work for the mapping.
V5-6 is a stepper, v7-9 is a solenoid.
So valued doesn't compare.
Take values from base map v8, lock idle ignition control to the target value.
Let the idle control in closed loop. Start a log and start your car.
Let it warm up.
Once above 80° report the logged values in your actual base table for the different temps.
Go drive a bit to generate some heat soak, then let idle, and put they current value also in the base table for a temp probably around 90°
Turn on idle ignition as it should.
You are done.

How ever your fuel tuning will be very probably off as it flows and resonates differently. So keep an eye on the AFRs


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Thanks, that's very helpful. I can sort out the idle I think but the map will get checked on a dyno as it will be quite different. I'm not sure if I'll continue using the ID1000 injectors or upgrade to ID1050X instead.


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It didn't quite fit with the aircon/alternator bracket. The top runner didn't clear the corner of the bracket. Maybe it would have worked if I kept my 20mm inlet manifold spacers but I was planning to get 10mm instead. Maybe there are some casting differences in these brackets. Not a big deal, I just hope it's still strong enough when removing the engine next time ;)


The manifold sits a bit high here, I don't have have the correct spacers yet, but it's closer than it looks from this angle.




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So I've had the inlet manifold powder coated and test fitted it with the 12mm thermal spacers I bought. I didn't even think about how the newage idle control valve sits compared to the classic stepper motor. I'm not even close to being able to shut the bonnet. With idle control valve removed it's ok. With the original inlet manifold I used 20mm spacers so I thought it would be ok.


So the question now is do I modify a pretty much mint aluminium bonnet which I probably won't find another one here in Sweden or to possibly try to fit a DBW throttle body instead. Or try to fit it without the inlet manfold spacers but I think at least a smaller spacer would be good for the Perrin turbo inlet.


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It was needed to clear the AVCS solenoids with the original inlet manifold. They were 20mm aluminium spacers so they obviously did nothing for inlet temps. I just thought these would be a nice bonus. A rookie misstake to not check the clearance for the ICV before ordering the spacers.

I will try to fit this inlet manifold either without any spacers or perhaps with 3mm spacers instead. Maybe it will clear the bonnet enough then or just a small modification needed.

I will try with some washers to space it 4-5mm and see how it goes.


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The cars obviously not standard and the first thing in an accident to get the touch is the bonnet so if needs be a little modification to the bonnet would be ok if needs be tinking:thumb


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Yeah I just tried to space it up 5mm, I guess that's close to where 3mm spacers would be with double gaskets. I can just about shut the bonnet now but there's really no space between the ICV and the structural support underneath the bonnet skin so that will need to get a slight tap I think


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There is probably a space of 2-3mm as it is. Not enough of course. But going from 12mm spacers to using a 5mm stack of washers made a huge difference. Ideally I would like to use a 3mm spacer with double gaskets, I think the manifold would have to be forced down over the Perrin inlet otherwise. Maybe it would be easier with a Killer B hard inlet.

I need to find someone who has a set of bodywork repair tools. The section I need to modify is the strongest point so tapping it with a hammer doesn't do much, it all just flexes upwards and I will end up with a dented bonnet skin. I need to get something in between the skins so that I don't damage the top.

It wouldn't be an issue if it wasn't for the ICV. And a DBW throttle body doesn't work with my plugin Link G4+ unless I buy the external e throttle module. The ICV I got with the inlet manifold already had a small dent on the end. Maybe someone else had the same problem.