JDM Direct Imports


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Lots of cars in the Fukushima region were contaminated and just disappeared into the used car markets and auctions. Afaik they are all checked before leaving Japan and any that fail the test are either decontaminated to acceptable, safe levels or scrapped.
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I have bought from him relatively recently.
Its always important to do your own background checks. I had noticed via a CARVX check that the car had been damaged twice in Japan where this seller had not mentioned nor even known this.
Nothing bad against him as he probably doesn’t do full checks on them, just buys from auction in the current condition, but I will say that he gave me loads of images of the car, didn’t try to hide a thing, got it prepped and shipped without delays or messing around. I had good communication with him throughout.
so I would say to do you own due diligence regarding the cars, but my singular experience with them as a seller was much better than a great many others.
I would certainly not have a problem with buying from him in the future.
And that’s a pretty looking wagon.
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