Inverted strut rebuild help

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  1. 2pot

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    Ask Opie oils for the spec sheet and upload it here.
    Let's have a look at its temp range, base oil viscosity @ 40C (mm2/s) and drop point temp (when it goes liquid).
    Make sure you remove all the old grease - wash it out thoroughly.
    A reaction between the old and new grease may cause issues - reduced lubrication/ liquification.
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  2. Fatharrydog

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    Does this help?
  3. 2pot

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    Close, but it's the specification sheet we need.
    As opposed to the safety sheet.
  4. 2pot

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    Properties Unit Data

    Thickener - lithium complex

    Penetration after folding 1/10 mm 265-300

    Drop point C min. 230

    Timken test - load OK Ibs 45

    Structure - smooth, sticky

    NLGI class - 2

    Range of operating temperatures C -30 to +160

    - short-term C +180

    I'd stick with a synthetic polyurea grease, as PM'd.
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