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Discussion in 'Worldwide Impreza owners' started by type-ra, Jun 13, 2014.

  1. Neal

    Neal 1996 WRX type-ra STi version 3

    That's sterling mate!
    I feel so mass produced right now hahaha!
  2. warren

    warren Type RA Member

    New Zealand
    Haha too funny bro
    I was so lucky to get it.
    The seller didn’t know what he had.
    Needed some work as I hate dents on my car haha
  3. Neal

    Neal 1996 WRX type-ra STi version 3

    Yeah I read ya mate, mine has tiny trolley dents in it and I want them removed but I have a young autistic child so I will wait a few years but not only that though... I park my car well away from anyone else in a car park but yet people seem to seek me out in a otherwise bare carpark but decide they will park next to my car, I can't get my head around it mate :)
  4. Wattpilot

    Wattpilot 1995 STi Type-RA 'V1" owner

    Kia Ora Warren; Nice to see another "v1". I'm up in Tauranga. Check out my gallery. My "V1" has had the 18"/ HKS added but otherwise stock. I have the wheels and peashooter exhaust nicely wrapped and stored away along with the original cassette player. I have NO intention of ever selling it. There are, as you say some good GC8s around but a hell of a lot lost to very poor 'upgrades' and caned into the ground; owned and not appreciated for their rarity or history.
  5. Wattpilot

    Wattpilot 1995 STi Type-RA 'V1" owner

    Hi Neal !! Ditto about the carpark - makes you wonder about some people !!
  6. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
  7. MrG

    MrG V-Limited Member

    South Africa
    Wow :)
    Would to see more pictures!

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