Intercooler re-core ???

Discussion in 'Subaru Impreza WRX Help & advice' started by MattyB1983, Aug 12, 2018.

  1. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

    Anybody had a standard intercooler broken down and re-cored ??
    How did it come out?
    Who did you use and how much did it cost?

  2. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

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  3. Chris.air

    Chris.air V-Limited Member

    Check on @edsel post I’m sure @gus mentioned who he used :thumb
  4. gus

    gus V-Limited Member

    Arron radiators in London did my lateral intercooler recore approx £350 including postage and all brackets re-welded onto the new set up iir they can do anything radiator intercooler wise just give them a call might be cheaper for something standard
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  5. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.


    Just messaged him :thumb

    Mine isn't too bad to be honest but it's just letting the bay down as everything else is minty fresh.
    See what @barnzyy28 comes back with price wise.
  6. 53R

    53R Enthusiast

    If you read further on I am sure it was 265 :)
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  7. benji

    benji Type RA Member

    Would be cool to see one bar and plate type .

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