Impreza WRX Type RA STi Version V Limited project for sale

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  1. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    As I have no space to store my restoration project for the future, nor got the time to finish it at the moment, I am offering it up for sale with sad feelings.

    The car was bought in 2014 with the intention of keeping it, so besides rust to the rear towers, it was in really good shape. Mileage was 68k (miles) and has resided in a garage since purchasing it. The car is of course HPI clear, correct VIN and model code, has no suspicious MOT, etc. A folder full of previous and current invoices will follow the car. I originally chose the car as it was fairly standard. Previous owner had the engine overhauled using a version 7 block, ACL bearings and clutch. My idea was to renovate the car as Subaru would have done it.

    Link to my restoration thread is here, but not really up to date, as I wanted to document the progress in a chronological order. What is not seen in the thread is the continued cleaning of parts and preparation of shell for blasting and painting. The blasting and painting is now left to be done.

    Pictures will be added during the next days.

    Those of you who know my attention to detail and symptoms of OCD will vouch for the level of the work.

    The project package will include:
    - Shell with professionally repaired arches (picture documentation).
    - Complete driveline.
    - All doors, bonnet, lids, flaps and windows/screens.
    - Four/two pot setup refurbed by Godspeed.
    - OZ Supertourismo Evo 17" in good condition (previously refurbed).
    - Mongoose 3" decatted exhaust.
    - Motul fluids for brakes, power steering, engine and transmission.
    - All brackets, bolts, etc. electroplated in OE colours (gold, green and metal).
    - HKS sports-cat downpipe (new).
    - Fujitsubo Legalis Type R exhaust (new).
    - STi GpN top mounts (new).
    - STi GpN bushes (new).
    - STi pink arms (lateral + trailing, all new).
    - Wishbones (new).
    - Red STi struts (new).
    - Fuel tank incl. pipes, straps and STi pump (new).
    - Brake lines (new).
    - Bonnet insulation (new).
    - Cusco rear strut bar.
    - ARBs, radiator shrouds and several brackets powder coated.
    - All decals and badges needed for replacement after painting.
    - Loads I have forgotten..!

    I have an idea of a bundled price in excess of £15,000, but also open for offers on smaller packages, though car will not be broken.

    Besides the above, I have loads of parts, all genuine Subaru/STi. Those will be up for sale too. Various parts are STi pedals, titanium gear knobs, document folders, bullet mirrors, rear strut bars, a set of Rays TE37, etc.
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  2. PeteRA

    PeteRA V-Limited Member

    Sad to hear Christian, sounds a lovely project does this.

  3. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
  4. Fatharrydog

    Fatharrydog MY98 WRX Type R V-Limited 176/1000

    That's a shame @tekkerchrede. Hope the sale goes through and maybe you can get another one not requiring any restoration.
  5. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Thank you for the supporting words. I am trying to procure a garage tent, but the car will still be up for sale.
  6. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    Hoping for another car at a point, but as we all know, prices aren't exactly good from a buyer's perspective.
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  7. laser_gti

    laser_gti Type RA Member

    I hope the sale goes well. When will you be putting a parts advert together?
  8. Steve777

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    Burton upon Trent
    GLWTS @tekkerchrede Christian. I was really hoping to see your finished project :(
  9. Keith

    Keith V-Limited Member

    East Yorkshire
    That's unfortunate @tekkerchrede. As you say with your OCD and attention to detail this was one worth waiting for.

    You should make it a condition of the sale that you oversee the build :D:D.........and have the first option to buy it back :thumb
  10. hct

    hct 1995 WRX RA STI

    sad to read, but time can change

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