Impreza vs Evo

Yeah it drives really well, very pleased with it.
It'll be going away for a week or two for underseal land 45k service and then il be looking to stage 1 it a bit later down the line
excellent stuff, looks nice!

Stage 1 is awesome for a road car, then taking a bit further a set of mild cams, ie HKS 264's and some 750cc injectors make them awesome!
To keep this thread up to date.

The reason @ASJ started the thread was because Modern Classics magazine asked us to find 5 particular cars for a photoshoot.

On Monday 19th September @ELV1S will be taking his P1, @53R will be taking his S202, @MattyB1983 his V-Limited, @splitbox40 his red RA & we also have a 22b Type UK there.

The shoot is taking place at Bruntingthorpe proving ground.

I'm not sure what Evos will be there but it sounds like a fun day to be had!

Obviously we'll be getting plenty of pics ourselves.

Watch this space.....
Here's the Evo list:

1. Debut model: EVO 1

2. Homologation rally tech for the road: EVO 3

3. Ultimate incarnations of the original models: EVO 6 TME

4. More sophistication for the new millennium: EVO 7

Let battle commence....

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