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Discussion in 'Impreza wanted' started by mark b, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. mark b

    mark b V-Limited Member

    Im looking for a sti quick rack 13.1.i know its a long shot but worth a try.thanks
  2. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    GC8 or GDB @mark b ?
  3. Chris.air

    Chris.air V-Limited Member

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  4. Sprinting Hare JDM

    Sprinting Hare JDM Type RA Member

    Thanks for the mention @Chris.air :)

    @mark b We have early and late GDB STI 13:1 racks in stock and some more GC8 13:1 STI quick racks landing on Monday fresh from Japan :)

    I'm sure Chris can vouch for the condition of the quick rack we supplied him, they are available as a bare rack or complete with new steering arms, track rod ends and boot kits.
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  5. MattyB1983

    MattyB1983 V2 STI RA Vlimited.

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  6. bustamoves

    bustamoves Type RA Member

    Was just about to link that matty lol
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