i am back in a 555

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  1. Tk1

    Tk1 Type RA Member

    hi all, i sold my red type ra some time ago but i am back
    not in a ra but a version 2 555
    with some help from mikeb who gave me a lift and an extra pair of eyes i purchased this pretty much completely standard and rust free 555 complete with the optional factory fit livery
    only mods are an alloy rad and a cat back exhaust, still even has the airbox
    imported in 07 and only one owner since it has been over
    this will be used in a road going class sprinting so a few mods are inevitable but wont go silly
    mainly suspension, brakes and tyres and a little esl map keeping the tmic
    i will update as and when bits get done

    some pics




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  2. paul555sti

    paul555sti Type RA Member

    Hello from a fellow 555 owner.
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  3. Tk1

    Tk1 Type RA Member

    Four pot fronts and two pot rears with performance friction pads are waiting to go on cheers mikeb
  4. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Welcome back:)

    Looks like a very clean & original model:thumb

  5. Tk1

    Tk1 Type RA Member

    It's defiantly original and never had any paint repairs
    And no rusty arches or anything
    Paint has a fair amount of scratches/wear and decals are showing there signs of age but adds to the car I think
    I originally before seeing the car wanted to take off all the livery (never been a big fan) but now I own it I think they will stay as they have been on it since it's birth, you would always see the shadows of them anyway unless I got it repainted
  6. Tk1

    Tk1 Type RA Member

    Painted and fitted a low rear spoiler this weekend

    Excuse the rubbish pic as it was getting dark


    Also picked up some speedline 2113's that I will redo in gold for road/wet wheels and waiting for a set of 8" prorace 1.2's to be delivered for my Avon zzr's that I have waiting to be fitted
    Tomorrow will hopefully see new coilovers fitted a decat and front and rear brakes
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  7. Tk1

    Tk1 Type RA Member

    More goodies arrived today
    Carbon mirrors
    And fitted
    And some new rims for 1b avons 8x17
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  8. tekkerchrede

    tekkerchrede V-Limited Member

    They look very authentic with that lip. :) An aerodynamic feature to avoid spray or dust? Maybe vibrations to the unshielded mirror glass? They commanded a high price tag?
  9. Tk1

    Tk1 Type RA Member

    I enquired about a set at wrc spares but the £400 plus vat and delivery put me off
    These were very reasonable in comparison
  10. type-ra

    type-ra Administrator

    West Yorkshire
    Price & supplier please :)

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