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Discussion in 'General Impreza WRX chat' started by Chris.air, Apr 8, 2019.

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    That's interesting.
    Please suggest a cheaper wet sump set-up, that you prefer - that has been data logged safe at 1.4g.
  2. Hold on Paul I will check in my excuses bible....... no deffo been to the last 2 so will deffo make it this year :thumb
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    Who is Paul ? Did you give him your stickers :D
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    oop north
    Regardles of any kind of 'log', the lack of vertical or horizontal shuttering or any kind of tower around the pick-up means it can never work to any degree of success IMO, the only marginal benefit would appear to be the larger capacity - why would you go to the trouble of casting your own sump to have it fail at the first hurdle??
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    Under sustained g = oil pooling in the outside head. Returning that oil, as quickly as possible, to the pick-up, proves most important.
    Hence, no cosworth-style windage tray or blocking-off the top of the sump, with baffling. The pump is emptying the sump, if you're not expediting the pumped oil's return.
    There is sufficient baffling, due to the deeper sump, as the spill-over angle is increased.
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    oop north
    You wont find any Cosworth recommends from me, and yes agree with most of your post about head pooling, etc.....

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