Hi All - On the hunt for my first Subaru


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Evening all,

Figured it would be worth me putting up an introduction post before going straight to a wanted ad!

My names Chay, currently residing in a village near Swindon in Wiltshire... always had a fondness for Subarus, which has only been re-enforced since my trip to Japan in 2018. Cars wise I've had some fun stuff, specifically Toyota AE86 Corollas. Currently have my 5th and 6th AE86 in the garage, but have owned m3's, z3m coupe and a few other fun cars in the past.

Hoping to add a RA/Spec C to the fleet in the coming weeks/months, depending if I can find one locally or end up importing.

Hope to get to know you all soon enough.

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Hi @Chaycore welcome to the forum, I love love love the ae86s, ive always wanted one but never had the opportunity, any pics of them :bow

Good luck on your hunt for you car :thumb


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Hello and welcome to the site.
Thanks for the Z3M pics.