Hey everyone from New Zealand

Discussion in 'New member welcomes' started by Lunchie, May 13, 2019.

  1. Lunchie

    Lunchie Ben

    New Zealand
    Hey guys

    My name is Ben

    Subaru fan, general JDM fanatic.

    Hope to be able to learn lots of new things and eventually contribute back to the community once I am able.

    Probably see my profile for more info :)

    Happy to be here
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  2. PeteRA

    PeteRA love everything GC8

    Welcome to the forum Ben. :thumb
  3. Wattpilot

    Wattpilot 1995 STi Type-RA 'V1" owner

    Hi Ben;

    Welcome to the forum from another Kiwi.

    Where are you based??

    Just reading up your thread on intended purchase. Good luck. I have a 95 STI-RA ("Version" [1]) which I bought for $13k 4 years ago. They are only going up in price now (and you are only seeing very few GC8s of any description coming in now. The blobees and hawks look cool so I wish you well in your hunt.
  4. V3 type r

    V3 type r Type RA Member

    Welcome ben @Lunchie still no luck yet? Reading your troubles finding a car is a stark reminder how lucky we are in the uk with rare jdm cars compared to some countries.
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  5. Christiaan

    Christiaan Type R version 5

    South Africa
    Welcome Ben
    Very nice forum this. Lots of good advice and people here :rofl:
  6. yellowknight

    yellowknight Type RA Member

    Phoenix, Arizona
    Where in NZ? I went there in Queensland a year ago to attend a wedding.
  7. Wattpilot

    Wattpilot 1995 STi Type-RA 'V1" owner

    Queensland is a northern state in Australia. Are you thinking of Queenstown in the South Island, NZ ....... skiing/ jetboating, adventure capital of NZ

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