Help with correct cv joint please


As per title, I have taken out my drivers side drive shaft to replace the cv joint as there was a noise when turning hard right, I then decided to take out the passenger side shaft and replace the cv joint in it just for the sake of it, upon removing both cv joints I have noticed they are different lengths?? The one on the passenger side is the smaller green one and the drivers side that was making the noise is the larger silver one, I have tried a few company’s for new cv joints but I’m getting conflicting sizes? The green one is 145mm long and the bell is 83mm, the silver one is 155mm long and the bell is 87mm? Does anyone know which is the correct one??


Thought I’d reignite my old thread,

at the time of the original post I ended up putting in 2 of the longer cv joints (as per pic) as I couldn’t find any of the smaller sized ones to match the original green ones? It has been in the back of my mind ever since that there’s something not quite right with what I’ve done, surely them being an extra 10mm in length would affect something down the line or am I just over thinking things??


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Is it hard to split them? Id like to restore mine as really winds me up the tired look.

I tried last week to split two front ones out of a gt turbo with 0 luck. They were simply stuck together and no yanking force brought the shafts out :oops:
So I just changed the boots without cleaning all the old grease that was being the joint