Help needed. 1998 Sti RA V Limited

Pete B

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I’ve got the chance of getting my old Sti RA V Limited #311 of 555. I owned the car 4 years ago.
I sold it to a Spaniard ( I live in Spain) that managed to knacker the engine after 2 weeks!
The car was mint, it only been in the Uk 12 months.
It’s taken him all this time to get the engine rebuilt and now he can’t get the Alcatek Ecu mapped here. Also apart from that, the garage has managed to lose the V5.
Can someone give me an idea of what this car is worth back in the Uk. I know I can look at ads but I need to know what it’s really worth. My plan is to do a deal with him for one of my other cars and get it back to the Uk to sell. The car is no good here because Spain won’t register JDM cars here anymore and it’s RHD.
If anyone can give me an idea of the true value of the car or maybe might interested in the car please contact me or post.
I’ll list a few picks of the car when I owned it.
Appreciate your help.


Wheels a lone Pete probably worth over 2 grand, the shell look absolutely fantastic too, surely 16 grand plus with new engine I’d say??
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I would have thought the same £16k+? You have to ask what it would cost to import something in the same condition and model and I’m sure it’s easy £20k+ on the road in the UK


4 doors are better than 2 doors
Looks great! A model on my 'some day' list!