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My current favourites are ring xenon star 4400k, personally because they are a economic white bulb, without the blue of the so called xenon effect bulbs, nor the yellow of traditional bulbs.
I’ve tried many bulbs over the years, and we are I think expecting too much from traditional halogen in comparison to modern xenon or lead lamps
I’m just looking for a decent set up, I can honestly say mine has the worst head lights I’ve ever had in a car beside a Peugeot 405 I had where all the chrome had burnt off on the inside...the head lamps them self are like mint crystal clear so I’m struggling to get my head around why they are so bad.

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Sadly the design age is the problem. Poor reflective surfaces and a 30 year old design is difficult to overcome.
But like many uprated Nightbreaker/xenon effect bulbs work well.
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I fitted Nightbreakers in mine and they are better than oe. I also fitted the PIAA spotlight kit to replace the pointless fog lights in the front of mine a few years ago and they make a huge difference.